Prof. Herman Depypere 

Professor Herman Depypere graduated as a doctor of medicine at the University of Ghent in 1986. He then obtained his biomedical doctorate with highest distinction in 1991. He was recognised as a gynaecologist in 1991, after stays abroad at the universities of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Adelaide (Australia), Lille (France), Birmingham (UK). He obtained his PhD thesis in 1994.

Professor Depypere is full-time professor at the breast and menopause clinic at Ghent University Hospital. He has a private practice at Coupure 4, Ghent.

Professor Depypere is co-ordinating a study with Sorbonne University aimed at preventing dementia through the administration of natural hormones.

Prof. Joris Delanghe

Professor Joris Delanghe studied medicine at the University of Ghent and specialised in clinical chemistry (Bruges, Leuven, Ghent, Stuttgart). Since 1994, he has been professor of clinical chemistry at Ghent University. He has been visiting professor in Lithuania, China, Congo, Rwanda and South Africa.

Since 1 October 2022, he is emeritus and active at Labo Maenhout. His conscious choice for Labo Maenhout is obvious given that Labo Maenhout is more than a pure supplier of routine laboratory data. Introducing new diagnostic techniques, developing new techniques and assisting doctors in interpreting laboratory data take clinical biology to the "next level".

Dr. Apr. Biologist Thomas Maenhout

Thomas received his education at the University of Ghent. After obtaining a master's degree in pharmacy in 2009, he completed the 5 years of specialisation in the different fields of clinical biology in the laboratories of Ghent University Hospital, AZ Maria Middelares and AZ Delta Roeselare Menen.

During this period, he focused in particular on haematology and clinical chemistry. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of medical microbiology. Besides specialising as a clinical biologist, Thomas also completed a PhD in medical sciences at the University of Ghent on the topic of "biochemical markers for chronic alcohol consumption".

Innovation and efficiency are two key words in his vision of laboratory medicine and this is what he tries to translate every day into the operation of Labo Maenhout.