Anal Test

Please read this manual carefully and completely before collecting your sample. Do not hesitate to contact us for any support.


Important! not activated kits cannot be processed at the lab,so make sure to follow the instructions below.

Manual STD Anal

  1. Right before collecting the sample, go to
  2. Insert the barcode and the verification code written on the activation card that you can find in your Abelcare box.
  3. Follow all the steps as requested on the website.


  1. Undress from the waist down. Thoroughly wash your hands before starting.
  2. Partially peel open the swab package without touching the soft tip of the swab.

IMPORTANT: Do not touch the soft tip of the swab or lay the swab down. If the soft tip is touched, the swab is laid down, or the swab is dropped, the accuracy of the result can be affected.

  1. Hold the swab in the middle of the stick (shaft) with your thumb and forefinger and carefully remove the swab from the package. Do not lay it down.
  2. Insert the swab stick, cotton wool side up, 5 centimetres into the anus and move the swab stick in small circles (for 30 seconds), so that the stick touches the anus wall.
  3. Remove the swab from the anus.
  4. While still holding the swab, carefully unscrew the cap from the tube of liquid. Do not spill the content of the tube.
  5. Immediately place the swab into the tube so that the soft tip of the swab is visible below the tube label.
  6. Carefully break the swab shaft at the scoreline (dented line around middle of stick), being careful not to spill the liquid in the tube.
  7. Close the tube. Make sure you screwed the cap tightly.
  8. Discard the remaining part of the swab.



  1. Stick the barcode that you can find in your Abelcare box onto the tube, as shown in the figure.
  2. Place the tube in the biohazard bag that you can find in your Abelcare box. Note that the bag has two pouches. Use the one with the silver self-adhesive strip at the end. Tape the bag firmly shut.
  3. Take everything out of your Abelcare box and place the biohazard bag with the sample inside the empty box. Close it thoroughly.
  4. Among the items you will find a white retour bag. Put the box containing the sample inside the retour bag and close it.
  5. Go to the nearest bpost (Belgium) / DHL (Netherlands) / LaPoste (France) mailbox and drop the package there. (Package is already pre-addressed and prepaid.)

Make sure you drop the package in the mailbox on the same day of collection. This date should correspond to the date inserted when you activated your kit.