Urine Collection - Male

Please read this manual carefully and completely before collecting your sample. Do not hesitate to contact us for any support.


Activate your kit on abel.care to enable us to test your sample

Manual STD Male

  1. Right before collecting the sample, go to kits.abel.care
  2. Insert the barcode and the verification code written on the activation card that you can find in your Abelcare box.
  3. Follow all the steps as requested on the website.


Wait at least one hour after your last urination before starting the collection.

Pee Collection

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands before starting.
  2. Take the paper collection box out of your Abelcare box. Apply some pressure to unfold it.
  3. Urinate into the cup until it is 2/3 full. Pass the first part of the urine in the cup, then finish in the toilet.
  4. Take the tube and the pipete out of your Abelcare box.
  5. Open the tube. Do not spill the content of the tube. Using the pipete, transfer urine from the cup into the tube of liquid. You will need to pipete 2 or 3 times.
  6. Fill the tube until the liquid is between the marked lines on the side of the tube as shown in the figure. Do not fill above or below the marked lines or your sample will be rejected by the laboratory.
  7. Close the tube. Make sure you screw the cap tightly.
  8. Discard any remaining urine and dispose the collection cup.



  1. Stick the barcode that you can find in your Abelcare box onto the tube, as shown in the figure.
  2. Place the tube in the biohazard bag that you can find in your Abelcare box. Note that the bag has two pouches. Use the one with the silver self-adhesive strip at the end. Tape the bag firmly shut.
  3. Take everything out of your Abelcare box and place the biohazard bag with the sample inside the empty box. Close it thoroughly.
  4. Among the items you will find a white retour bag. Put the box containing the sample inside the retour bag and close it.
  5. Go to the nearest Bpost mailbox and drop the package there. (Package is already pre-addressed and prepaid.)
  6. Make sure you drop the package in the mailbox on the same day of collection. This date should correspond to the date inserted when you activated your kit.

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