Bowel health test

Read this manual carefully and completely before taking your sample. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Because this sample must reach the lab quickly, we avoid the weekend for shipping. Therefore, only take your sample between Monday and Wednesday morning and post it on the same day.


Important! Keep your kit in the fridge before and after collecting your sample.


important! Non-activated kits cannot be processed in the lab, so please follow the instructions below.

  1. Surf to just before collecting the sample.
  2. Enter the barcode and the verification code that are on the activation card. You will find this card in the Abelcare box.
  3. Follow all steps as requested on the website.


  1. Undress from the waist down. Wash your hands thoroughly before starting.
  2. Take the collection paper - the Fecesvanger - from the kit.
  3. Place the transparent/yellow collection tube ready in the kit (there is a holder inside where the X-shaped indentation is). Place the kit within easy reach of the toilet.
  4. Open the Fecesvanger by stripping the paper in the direction of the arrows. Avoid letting the paper come into contact with water.
  5. Stick the Fecesvanger on the back on both sides of the toilet seat as shown in the picture.
  6. Catch your feces in the paper. A very small amount is sufficient. Drop the rest into the toilet.
  7. Unscrew the yellow cap from the transparent collection tube. Do not pour out the liquid in the tube!
  8. Collect your feces by scraping the stool with the fine end of the yellow stick before the Fecesvanger sinks.
  9. You have enough sample when the engraved, striped end of the yellow stick is completely covered.
  10. Place the yellow stick back on the collection tube and tighten the cap firmly.
  11. After taking the sample, detach the Fecesvanger from the toilet seat. Drop the biodegradable collection paper into the toilet and flush.


  1. Place the tube in the biohazard bag, fitted with a cold pack, that you will find in your Abelcare box. Note that the bag has two pockets. Use the one with the silver self-adhesive strip at the end. Tape the bag firmly shut.
  2. Remove everything from your Abelcare box and place the biohazard bag with the sample in the empty box. Close the box well.
  3. You will find a white return bag among the items. Put the box with the sample in the return bag and close the bag.
  4. Place the box in the fridge until you go to the post office.
  5. Between Monday and Wednesday morning, go to the nearest bpost (Belgium) / DHL (Netherlands) / LaPoste (France) mailbox and deliver the package there. (The parcel is already pre-addressed and prepaid.)

Make sure you put the parcel in the letterbox on the day you want to take the test (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning). This date must correspond to the date that was entered when you activated your package.