Test yourself for STDs. Discreet, fast and reliable.

Take your health into your own hands. Order your test kit and test yourself for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, the most common STDs.

How it works

A health kit service for you

Get your test kit

Once you order, a test kit is discreetly delivered at your house or at a pick-up point of your choice.

Take the sample

The box contains all the material and an instruction manual for you to take the sample.

Send it back

Once you take the sample, pack it according to the instructions and just drop it at the closest mailbox. No need to pay anything.

Sample testing

The kit will be delivered to our accredited partner lab, where the tests are performed confidentially and under a strict quality control.

Check the results

Once the results are available, you can check them online in your confidential account.

Here's what the press is saying

"Sensoa, the Flemish centre of expertise on sexual health, considers the self-test to be a good thing. It hopes that people will be reached who are not going to a doctor today."
Het Nieuwsblad
"People order the kit, take the urinary or vaginal samples themselves and send the kit back to the certified lab. After two days you can view the results in your online profile at www.abel.care So you take the sample at home, but the research is still done in an accredited laboratory that applies the highest quality standards."
De Morgen
"It is easy, anonymous, quick and trustworthy."

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